Sweezy's Passion for Seniors Is Spinning With Steadfast Momentum
CHARLOTTE -- The concepts of Striped Rock. LLC a Charlotte-based firm that brings its specialized expertise to the senior-related industry by offering senior network marketing and media solutions, SPIN (Senior Professional Industry Network) a unique interactive resource environment for the senior-related industry professional, and now All For Seniors, the newly-created comprehensive resource directory dedicated to the senior industry, were all derived from native Charlottean, Bill Sweezy's desire to meet a serious need in this community, to answer the questions of our seniors, and to provide solutions to their problems.

"Every seven and half seconds a new 50 year old emerges and we cannot gather information fast enough to serve this exploding population," said Sweezy. I've always had a passion for taking care of my elder family members and loved ones. Now with the majority of the baby boomers reaching their 50s and 60s, I think it is our responsibility as a society to give them the resources they need to have a better quality of life.

Sweezy's background includes stints in Finance, Corporate Fitness, Human Resources, where he specialized in Retirement & Benefits, Media Sales, Marketing and Publishing. He was born in Charlotte, moved to the South Pacific as a child and returned here as a teenager. He attended Alexander Graham Middle School and Myers Park High School. As an adult, Sweezy worked for IBM for more than a decade, and later when he entered the publishing industry he lived and traveled extensively throughout the southeast. After returning to Charlotte in 2000, he was re-introduced into the senior industry and currently serves on numerous boards including the North Carolina Assisted Living Association (NCALA) in Raleigh.

His most recent brainchild is All For Seniors, the comprehensive resource directory patterned after its popular sister publication All About Seniors that is sweeping the Upstate/Greenville,SC area and receiving rave reviews. "We have distributed more than 75,000 directories in the last year in the Upstate in coordination with Senior Action, Inc., the Greenville County Council on Aging," said Sweezy.

"All For Seniors also has a higher purpose and that is to bridge together the many services that are available in our community and to partner with those organizations that have already taken the steps to educate and inform, said Sweezy. Through our partnerships with numerous local and regional agencies we are able to harness their strengths with our strengths to better serve our community as a whole while cross promoting the uniqueness of each other's services."

In addition, SPIN, All About Seniors and All for Seniors are designed to assist the senior industry professional by providing resources that serve to educate, inform and help expand their network.

Published by Striped Rock, LLC